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Tue 17 MayClub Social Chat
Wed 18 MayWindows Skills Group
Thu 19 MayDigital Photography Study Group
Tue 24 MayClub Meeting
Wed 1 JunTechnical Study Group
Tue 7 JunClub Meeting
Wed 8 JunMain Committee
Fri 10 JunTinkers Study Group
Fri 17 JunWeb Study Group
Tue 21 JunClub Meeting

The Club

The club was established in 2002 by a small group of people with an interest in computing and sharing their enthusiasm with others.

We have around 100 members, and welcome people with different levels of expertise, ranging from experts to those with limited experience, who enjoy meeting others with similar interests.

Our fortnightly club meetings are normally held on Tuesday mornings at the Chichester Yacht Club in West Sussex between October and June. We also operate a hybrid zoom which serves members that may have health related issues.

Our smaller study groups meet once a month in West Stoke Village Hall on a variety of subjects which are chosen by the members with the idea of sharing knowledge and learning new skills. These meetings are also supported by hybrid zoom.

Members need a computer, Tablet or SmartPhone and an email address in order to participate in the club activities, and are encouraged to contribute to the running of the club by presenting a topic, suggesting possible speakers etc.

Members are able to access the password protected part of the club website which contains useful resources such as copies of past presentations, minutes of meetings, general information about the club and a calendar of club activities.

The joining fee is £20.00, the annual fee is £20.00 (Sept to June).

The BetaPlus club has been a registered charity since 2004. Our mission statement ~ To advance the education of the public, in particular, persons living in and around Chichester, by learning, developing and sharing experiences in the use of computers at home. The charity registration number is 1105164.

Study Groups

The BetaPlus Club runs a programme of Study Groups - small groups who meet at 4 - 8 week intervals to study a specific area of computing. Now that Covid is a little more under control we will be meeting in person again. However, for members who are unable to attend due to health issues we will be running these meetings simultaneously over Zoom.

Apple Logo

The Apple Study Group provides a forum for those Club members who either have an Apple device or are interested in buying one. The objective of the Apple Study Group is to encourage a hands on approach to learning how to make the most of their Apple devices. During the time of Zoom meetings this is difficult, but our aim to to return to this, when possible. At the monthly meeting we are strengthening our group solidarity with each other and our devices. The iPad/iPhone are the prime devices at present.

The Group will meet monthly.

Next meeting: Wed 12 Oct 2022

Raspberry Pi Logo

Very much a hands on programming group largely aimed at Raspberry Pi and Python and includes other single board computers. We aim to have at least half of each meeting being hands on programming your own device. Our aim is to encourage and support our members to complete projects of their own. Beginners are welcome, although most members have prior programming experience with other languages. Numbers are somewhat restricted due to space at WSVH. Project aims include making Internet of Things devices, robotics, and just about anything you can do with a microcontroller. Our future aims include using other boards like Arduino and ESP8266.

Next meeting: Not scheduled

Digital Photography

Today, digital photography is used across many different devices. Learning, sharing and exploring in how to take a better picture, editing, scanning and copying of photos and slides, photo management from phones, tablets and cameras. Photo stitching, simple videoing and beyond. The subject matter is quite wide but all levels of experience will be addressed. The emphasis will be on a practical approach to extract the most from the sessions.

Next meeting: Thu 19 May 2022

Technical Studies2

This group is for those who are interested in finding out about issues in setting up and running computers such as hardware, drivers, Operating Systems, Security and Back-Up, Networking and Communications, etc. We also have an interest in the 'Internet of Things'. Members are encouraged to undertake research and present it to the Group. The TSG also has a rotating chairmanship: each member is asked to take a turn at finding topics to discuss and chairing the resulting meeting. The TSG meets on the first Wednesday morning of each month at the West Stoke Village Hall.

Next meeting: Wed 1 Jun 2022

Python Logo

Tinkers evolved from a Python group which focussed on absolute beginners who wanted to learn Python. Finding that most Betaplus Python programmers are are also programming Arduinos and robots of one kind or another the group is now much more inclusive. We adopt a rotating chairmanship. See website for meeting dates.

Next meeting: Fri 10 Jun 2022

World Wide Web

This group is to help members build their own web sites. All levels of experience are catered for. The club can provide web space to help those getting started. We have also studied the two ways to use WordPress. Exciting new web technologies are constantly being explored; responsive web is a current example. Our primary method of working is to tackle topics raised by our members. The group meets on Friday mornings.

Some subjects that we have discussed recently are:

  • Material Design
  • Photo size guide
  • Measuring website performance
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Google SEO Guide
  • Google Maps JavaScript API

Next meeting: Fri 17 Jun 2022

Windows Logo

This group helps members to learn the day-to-day computing skills needed to use our Windows PCs and Tablets successfully. It also investigates and (hopefully) solves individual members' computer and internet problems, and generally looks into topics submitted by members of the group. The Group meets on the third Wednesday morning of each month at the West Stoke Village Hall.

Next meeting: Wed 18 May 2022

Main Programme

The main programme events normally take place at the Chichester Yacht Club. However, we will be broadcasting the meeting simultaneously on Zoom.

Tue 24 May 2022
Social Media and its benefits
Tue 7 Jun 2022
Club Meeting
Tue 21 Jun 2022
Fishing with Grizzly Bears
Lunch with live music
Tue 4 Oct 2022
Study Group Fair
Tue 18 Oct 2022
Tue 1 Nov 2022
Security update
Tue 15 Nov 2022
Club Meeting
Tue 29 Nov 2022
Club Meeting
Tue 13 Dec 2022
Club Meeting
Tue 10 Jan 2023
Club Meeting

Tue 10 May 2022
Sailing round the world
Tue 26 Apr 2022
Do you know what your granddaughter is doing?
How the B+ website can help you
Tue 5 Apr 2022
Brains Trust
Tue 22 Mar 2022
Alexis Green
Tue 8 Mar 2022
Smart Homes
Tue 22 Feb 2022
European Commission
Hints and Tips
Tue 8 Feb 2022
Email - How it works
Staying Secure
Tue 25 Jan 2022
The History of Musical Scores
Tue 11 Jan 2022
New Internet Connections
Tue 14 Dec 2021
Christmas Party
Tue 30 Nov 2021
Staying Safe Online
Tue 16 Nov 2021
Tue 2 Nov 2021
The Story of Goodwoods Festival of Speed
Hints and Tips
Tue 19 Oct 2021
Computer Gaming
Tue 5 Oct 2021
Study Group Fair
Tue 22 Jun 2021
To be announced
Tue 8 Jun 2021
Radar Imaging Satellites
Tue 25 May 2021
Adventures in Greenland
Tue 11 May 2021
The weird and wonderful world of the law
Tue 27 Apr 2021
The Hubble Telescope at 30 years
Tue 13 Apr 2021
Preventing Collisions at Sea
Tue 30 Mar 2021
Technology for the Digitally Excluded
Tue 16 Mar 2021
Chichester Library Services
Tue 2 Mar 2021
The Future is in the Cloud


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