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BetaPlus Club Disclaimer

Members of the BetaPlus Club are sometimes given advice and/or assistance regarding computer equipment, software, procedures and related matters by visiting lecturers or other club members.

The Club wishes to make it clear that such advice or help is given in good faith by those who give it as individuals and not as representatives of the Club. Neither the Club nor its members can accept liability for any damage or loss (including damage to hardware and software and loss of data) that may occur directly, indirectly or consequentially from advice or assistance given to any other member or guest of the Club.

Any reliance placed upon the advice or help is at the sole risk of those accepting it and it is their responsibility to ensure that any advice or action recommended is suitable for their circumstances.


 Data Protection Policy

The Club maintains a computer based record of members names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  This information is available to members of the Club but will not be made available by the Club to any person or organisation outside the Club.  A computer based record of subscriptions paid by members is maintained by the Treasurer but this information is confidential between the individual members concerned and the BetaPlus Club Committee.